#YML21 Conference Impressions

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Wir haben unsere persönlichen Eindrücke der interdisziplinären Konferenz #YouthMediaLife 2021, die vom 29.03.21 bis 01.04.21 auf einer digitalen Eventplattform abgehalten wurde, zusammengefasst. Lisza-Sophie Neumeier Hier gehts zum #YML21 Conference Report: Ariane Manutscheri Amadea Brenner These days are all about challenges. And about making things work. Twelve hours after #YouthMediaLife 2021 became a material space in an immaterial world, frizzy clanks of ink being swept onto paper hover above a sheet of crinkled paper. My declared plan: telling a story […]

Learning English for School, Relearning it for Life

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Mainstream approaches to second language acquisition are outdated. They perpetuate the idea that mastery of a foreign language equals speaking and writing it like native speakers do. It is questionable whether this goal is achievable, even more questionable whether it is desirable. Do students really need to sterilize their output in the foreign language, to remove their own footprint, their accent, personality, and linguacultural heritage when communicating via a foreign language? In short, is it really the case that […]

Welcome to #YouthMediaLife 2021

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Susanne Reichl and Ute Smit give an exclusive update on the latest developments of our international conference #YouthMediaLife 202129 March – 1 April 2021, University of Vienna „The original plan was of course to welcome you all in person to our beautiful city of Vienna and give you all an unforgettable conference experience. Now, with the CoVid pandemic still in full swing, many of you cannot commit to travelling and quite understandably feel uncomfortable planning even short trips. Since […]