#YML21 Conference Impressions

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Wir haben unsere persönlichen Eindrücke der interdisziplinären Konferenz #YouthMediaLife 2021, die vom 29.03.21 bis 01.04.21 auf einer digitalen Eventplattform abgehalten wurde, zusammengefasst. Lisza-Sophie Neumeier Hier gehts zum #YML21 Conference Report: Ariane Manutscheri Amadea Brenner These days are all about challenges. And about making things work. Twelve hours after #YouthMediaLife 2021 became a material space in an immaterial world, frizzy clanks of ink being swept onto paper hover above a sheet of crinkled paper. My declared plan: telling a story […]

Smartphones “In-Between” or: What Do Smartphones Have in Common With Doors?

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This contribution was originally published by Suzana Jovicic on the Digital Ethnography Initiative (DEI), which was co-founded by Philipp Budka, Suzana Jovicic and Monika Palmberger, three researchers working at the University of Vienna’s Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. It is Friday night in a youth centre on the outskirts of Vienna; the lights are dim, and loud local Rap music is blaring in the background. A girl sits alone on the old sofa, seemingly oblivious to the noise […]